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Dear Friends,
I feel honoured to be the President of one of the most active and forward looking regional association of the FCBM. I feel confident in taking this responsibility because of the systematic succession plan we have in KCBMA. The peers have a vision and accordingly the young interested members are bought in as invitees and then made managing committee members and then office bearers. The honing skills of the peers should be appreciated.

Industry Scenario:
These are difficult times as our industry is facing huge challenges from unbelievable increases in Paper Price. The international Waste paper prices are heading north. Shortage of International paper Waste has become the main bone of contention. Paper mills have declared shut downs initially to create artificial demand but now they will be forced to shut down due to lack of imported waste. The sudden jump in prices by Rs.6.00 per kg across the grades have shaken the markets.

The question of servicing our customers is at stake. If we do not get supplies from paper mills on time we will also have to take shut downs.
The need of the hour is to ask for an immediate increase from our customers. We have to be united in our stand else we will see our balance sheets in red.
The association is taking proactive steps in appointing a PR agency to publish our Plight in leading Print Media in our State. This will help in getting our Price increase.
I appeal to the members not to enter into panic buying. Please take informed decision before placing orders for paper.

Seminar on GST:
A seminar on GST was organised on the 8th Dec. 2016. Mr. Madhukar Hiregange a renowned tax practitioner was invited to give us an overview on GST, the advantages-disadvantages, opportunities and transition criticalities.

Paper Mill Visit:
A team of 46 members went to Vapi to see India’s premier Kraft paper making facility “West Rock” on the 25th of Feb. 2017. The technical session on paper making by Dr.Vipul was an eye opener for many and very informative. The paper mill was a class apart and members appreciated the way in which the paper mill organised the tour. I thank my team for making this Visit a success. The members also had an opportunity to have VIP darshan at “Siddhi Vinayak Temple” in Mumbai.
I look forward to the support from all members during my tenure in making each seminar an enriching experience for the association. Suggestions and help is always welcome and appreciated.
Thank you
Manish Bothra




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